Announcing the 2013 Colorado Gold Humanism Resident and Fellow Chapter Inductees!

47 residents and fellow were selected for induction to the Colorado Gold Humanism Resident and Fellow Chapter. These exemplary doctors were chosen based on the numbers of nominations and their response to the essay prompt “What Humanism Means to Me.” These outstanding doctors and the previous recipients of the Gold Humanism Resident and Student awards, will be recognized in the Induction Ceremony on May 17th from 2-5pm at the Fulginetti Pavilion with Keynote Speaker Dr. Jose Greer.

Humanism Honor Society

2013 inductees:
Dr. Amanda Wallace– Anesthesiology
Dr. Anna Englen– Emergency Medicine
Dr. Jessica Devitt– Family Medicine
Dr. Addeleide Robinson–Family Medicine
Dr. Bridget M Shariat– Family Medicine
Dr. John Biebelhausen–Internal Medicine
Dr. Bryan Brimhall–Internal Medicine
Dr. T Ray Foley– Internal Medicine
Dr. Hannah Hall– Internal Medicine
Dr. Joseph J. Johnson– Internal Medicine
Dr. Jonathan Kurche–Internal Medicine
Dr. Christine Lin–Internal Medicine/ Pulmonary and Critical Care
Dr. Adrienne Mann–Internal Medicine
Dr. Grace Ellen Marx–Internal Medicine
Dr. Colin Moore–Internal Medicine/Hematology Oncology
Dr. Swati Patel– Internal Medicine/Gastroenterology
Dr. Kristin Stratton–Internal Medicine
Dr. Mara Terras– Internal Medicine
Dr. Ryan Webb– Internal Medicine
Dr. Matthew Zipse–Internal Medicine/Cardiology
Dr. Charles Braun– Neurology
Dr. Angel Pulido–Neurology
Dr. Nicole Larrea–Ob-Gyn
Dr. Lauren May–Ob-Gyn
Dr. Gaea Moore–Ob-Gyn
Dr. Brett Davies–Ophthalmology
Dr. Eric James Lupo–Otolaryngology
Dr. Michael Messina–Orthopedics
Dr. Justin J. Mitchell–Orthopedics
Dr. Masha Abdollahi–Pathology
Dr. Leila Langston–Pathology
Dr. Austin Butterfield–Psychiatry
Dr. Scott Koski–Psychiatry
Dr. Rupinder Legha–Psychiatry
Dr. Erin Carlton– Pediatrics
Dr. Amanda Bird Gilmartin– Pediatrics
Dr. Brenda Pring–Pediatrics
Dr. Satya Sekar– Pediatrics/Neonatology
Dr. Laurie Sherlock–Pediatrics
Dr. Jason Wright–Pediatrics/Neonatology
Dr. Brian Christenson– Radiology
Dr. Joshua Adam Delavan– Radiology
Dr. Michael Kendrick–Radiology
Dr. Edward Jones– Surgery
Dr. Annie Kulungowski–Surgery
Dr. Nicole T. Townsend– Surgery
Dr. Sam Waller– Neurosurgery
Dr. Arek Wiktor–Surgery
Dr. Jessica Yu– Surgery

Grandfathered Inductees:
Dr. Kara Alexandrovic
Dr. Samuel Clark
Dr. Walter Conwell
Dr. Sarah Earle
Dr. Stephanie Gold
Dr. Stephen Hawkins
Dr. Melanie Herbert
Dr. Kaylin Klie
Dr. Austin Larson
Dr. Kari Mader
Dr. Jameson Mattingly
Dr. Madeline McBride
Dr. Natalie Nokoff
Dr. Steven Quattlebaum
Dr. Benjamin Rojas
Dr. Hayley Ross
Dr. Jonathan Schwartz
Dr. David Williams
Dr. Amy Willis
Dr. Jason Woods
Dr. Chi Zheng


About Dr Jess

Dr. Jessica Campbell is Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at University of Colorado Denver and Denver Health Hospital. "I love to create engaging learning environments on the wards and promote peak wellness among providers and patients. Together we can transform medical education one story at a time."
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